Automatic line binding machine

Automatic line binding machine

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Automatic line binding machine

Product description:

Automatic line file binding machine, this e uses LCD touch screen as the man-machine interface, can set the number of punch holes and punch spacing arbitrarily, and has the power-off memory function, save user settings, the binding process can be paused, and the binding hole spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily ; It is e with adjustable working table, positioning block and precise positioning device, which can easily and locate the binding material; additional corner positioning of external binding files can improve the efficiency of batch binding; independent retractable automatic thread trimming is e on the functional configuration , End-to-end closed self-locking knotting function, independent paper scraps clearing system, making the binding process more convenient and faster.


Smart office:

Integrate automatic punching, pay-off, lead, threading, shifting, measuring, knotting and disconnection;

In addition to the standard binding mode, independent punching or continuous punching modes can be set to meet different binding re;

The system has a self-checking function, and can judge the cause of the failure by itself when it encounters a failure, and prompt the solution;

The binding process has a memory function, can be paused arbitrarily in the middle, and the binding hole distance can be adjusted arbitrarily;

Large-capacity paper scrap storage box and storage cabinet are e with universal wheels with brakes for convenient and flexible movement and free fixation;

Health and environmental protection: Use natural and environmentally friendly cotton binding to reduce the cost of consumables and the disposal of discarded files. Innovative internal chip removal and mute technology, truly and completely solve the harm to human body caused by paper scraps, dust and odor of hoses generated in the traditional binding process. , Create a healthy office environment for you.

Scope of application:

It is widely used in the binding work of ordinary files, dossiers, documents, bills, drawings, books and other papers of public security, procuratorate, archives, customs, hospitals, banks, electric power, and other government systems and large enterprises and institutions.

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